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"Your wife was a brave and intelligent woman. None of this would have been possible without her."
—Ellie Langford[1]

Doctor Damara Carver was a "data archaeologist" assigned to Uxor to study the "Shroud 4" Marker.

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Pre-Dead Space 3 Edit

Damara and her husband, John, meet former Heavy Pilot of Titan Station, Ellie Langford, on Haven Prime . Whilst on the planet, Ellie and the Carvers become friends and Damara learns she is pregnant with her first child. For a time, Damara and Carver lived on Keyhole Station before being assigned to Uxor.

Dead Space: Liberation Edit

"I...I can't keep doing this. Your son needs a father and I need...I...
You've got to figure out what's important, John. And soon, otherwise you're going to find yourself alone.
—Damara to Carver[2]

On Uxor, she was assigned to study the Marker on the planet. During her research she discovers information that dated back to the Sovereign Colonies and their research on the Markers that predated the likes of Earth Government. Further investigation revealed she’d happened upon a massive cover-up unlike any she’d heard of. Eventually she enlists the help of Ellie and Robert Norton to gather more information. As a data archaeologist, Damara’s continued assistance was vital in uncovering the buried secrets of the former Sovereign Colonies government. She learns that the Sovereign Colonies discovered a “master signal” that was being perpetuated somewhere from deep space. She locates their triangulation station, Ptolemy Station, using data she reconstructs from their purged files.

Aware of the dangers of her research, Damara keeps her work a secret from her husband, knowing John would try to stop her if he found out. In the event of her death, Damara made a recording detailing her research and the importance of stopping the Markers and the Unitologists. During her work, Damara’s relationship with Carver became strained; his inability to cope with civilian life complicated how the two interacted with each other. Though she remained hopeful Carver would eventually adjust to his role as a father and husband, his inability to control his temper wore her thin[3]. His constant absence led Damara to believe she was raising Dylan on her own[4].

Damara and dylan slashers liberation

Infected Damara and Dylan attacking Carver.

During his patrol duty, she admonishes him for causing problems he should hold himself accountable for and robbing the family promised vacation time[5]. Carver is quick to agree with her, but cannot split his attention between her and his patrol duty. He discovers a sabotaged scanner and later a long-sight laser triangulated on the Shroud 4 test site. Carver tries to warn Damara and their son of the danger. The missile hits, destroying the shroud on the Marker. The Marker’s EMP blast takes out all electronics and machinery, bringing a ship crashing down on the residential area where Damara and Dylan reside. Carver cannot raise his wife over their RIG transmission and fears the worse.

Sometime during Carver’s bid to reach them, Jacob Danik, the leader of the Circle, reaches Damara and Dylan first and kills them[6]. During the Circle’s interrogation of Carver, their bodies are appropriated by the Necromorph life form and transformed into Slashers. Carver, too late to save his family, kills them a second time.

Dead Space 3 Edit

"We see what we want to, John."

On the planet of Tau Volantis, Carver begins to experience hallucinations of Damara, bloodied and freezing from the planet’s temperatures. Her visage and voice is used against him by the Markers on the planet; “Damara” taunts Carver with perverted visions of her and Dylan’s photograph; their eyes gouged out, bleeding profusely[3]. She asks why he’s looking for forgiveness where there is none and tells him it’s time to “join the party”.

“Damara” visits Carver one last time in the halls of the Armed Forces’ Biological Laboratories. A vision of a toy soldier distracts Carver long enough to startle him when he sees Isaac approach him, the face of his wife imposed over his own[7]. Inside the Marker Containment lab, Carver is assaulted by visions of his wife and son in a red and hazy world similar to one where Isaac confronted the Site 12 Marker on Titan Station. “Damara” beckons Carver join his family in death so that they can be “made whole again”. When Carver approaches “Damara”, sitting hunched over on a couch next to a Marker, she screams at him --- eyes and mouth glowing in a similar fashion of the “Nicole” apparition that haunted Isaac. On his final trip inside his mind, he manages to destroy the Marker, breaking his connection to the relic and “Damara”.
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