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USG Ishimura

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  • Mess Hall
  • Z-Ball Court

The Crew Deck of the USG Ishimura was the residential area for the ship's crew. It was a large relaxing area comprised mainly of sleeper bunks. The area also had a mess hall and a Zero-G basketball court.

The Crew Deck had several small lounges, comprised of one room with some chairs and sofas lined around a big projector. The Executive Lounge and Executive Quarters are located here as well as the Executive Shuttle.

Tram StationEdit

The Crew Deck tram station looked very similar to the other tram stations around the Ishimura. Although it had some different qualities to it, the darkened platform did not show any present light. The only visible source of light in this area came from with the lights shining from Dr. Mercer's lanterns.


Mess HallEdit

A spacious, two level room where miners, doctors, technicians and other workers aboard the Ishimura could relax, socialize and purchase food from the second level canteen. The first level was more of a lounge type area with sofas and chairs as well as vending machines selling Sun Cola and Meat snacks. The second level was dominated by a large U-shaped mess hall where off-duty workers could buy full meals and drinks. On the walls are posters with announcements and advertisments as well as CEC pennants.

Residential HallEdit

This area of the Crew Deck was comprised of several smaller sections where the crewmen and workers of the Ishimura slept. Each worker was assigned a personal bunk where they could sleep, relax and have some privacy.


Sleep BlocksEdit

The Crew Deck contained at least three known sleep block bunks and commons, labelled Block A, Block B and Block C.

Sleep Block Bunks

At some point during the Necromorph outbreak on the Ishimura, the Block B chamber was breached and it's atmosphere was compromised, eventually turning the chamber into a vacuum room. The actual cause of this damage was unknown, although it could be speculated that a large Necromorph entity, most likely a Drag Tentacle caused the aforementioned damage. Block C was the closest chamber located near the Zero-G Basketball Court. It was the most heavily infested chamber out of the three sleeping blocks. This was because of the significant number of ship personnel that retreated to the confines of Sleep Block C that are able to survive the initial ravaging of the Crew Deck. However, under the direction of the deranged Challus Mercer, the entire group committed mass suicide.[note 1]

Sleep Block Commons

Like every other area of the ship, these areas are littered with bodies and furniture that are strawn about. The Sleep Block Commons areas are a relaxing place for workers and family members to go in order to relax and enjoy their time off. The Sleep Block Commons areas contained tables, chairs, vending machines and restroom facilities. Most of the Commons areas had advertising posters located throughout them and in one, there was a holographic display that was possibly used to show TV or ship-wide announcements to the crew.

Recreational Hall Edit

The Recreational Hall was a larger hallway complete with an elevator, restroom, waiting room and a Zero-G Basketball access.

Zero-G Basketball Facilities Edit

Main article: Z-Ball

The Zero-G Basketball court was a spacious room with several artificial gravity plates.

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Executive BlockEdit

Executive Quarters

The Executive Block contained the quarters of the Ishimura's most senior staff, including Captain Mathius, First Officer White, CSO Kyne and First Engineer Jacob Temple. It had much of the same in layout as the Crew Deck Sleeper Blocks, although this area was more opulently furnished with sofas rather than a projection screen in the center of the room and was carpeted.

Security Room

The security room was a small two section space. The hallway led from the upper Crew Deck walkway.

Shuttle Bay

The Executive Shuttle was located here and was used by senior officers to leave the ship for various reasons. It was not linked to the other shuttles on the Ishimura which was why it was not jettisoned during the initial chaos. Unfortunately, it was missing a singularity core and the navigational cards ended up being removed, rendering the shuttle useless until they could be located.

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It was believed that the Crew Deck also contained a movie theater of sorts.[note 2]


  • Upon arriving at the mess hall, the player witnessed the brutal murder of Jacob Temple at the hands of Challus Mercer.
  • This Deck along with the Vestri was where Chapter 4: Rendezvous With Fate of Dead Space: Extraction took place.
  • This was where Chapter 10: End of Days of Dead Space took place.
  • Some of the sleeper bunks appear "tipped over" rather than destroyed or torn up, indicating that they are modularly designed rather than bolted directed into the ship. This makes sense, as realistically speaking, the Ishimura's crew can rearrange, add or remove the number of beds to make room for additional living or cargo space.



  1. As only a final "survivor" was still alive when Isaac Clarke located the hideaway committed suicide, it is unclear exactly how the massacre took place; a number of possibilities exist. First, it is entirely possible that the entire group willingly killed themselves, either under Mercer's instruction or from despair; also, part of the group could have killed the others for similar reasons.
  2. Posters in the Mess Hall of the Crew Deck allude to a movie theater on board the Ishimura, intended to entertain off duty workers or their families.