"That look in his eyes... Reminded me of a kid that went crazy last week. He was just an engineer, but something in him snapped."
Nathan McNeill[1][2]

Crazed colonists are ordinary people who have gone insane due to the effects of the Red Marker on Aegis 7. Crazed colonists are significantly more durable than normal humans, some fighting back even with multiple limbs dismembered.[1] It is currently unknown how they manage to fight through the pain and shock of such serious injury, but it is possibly related to the marker's influence - boosting adrenaline levels beyond normal human ability. Decapitation is the most effective way to take down crazed colonists. Some crazed colonists are equipped with some form of armor, notably Engineer, Miner, and security RIGs, while others only wear their normal work clothing.[1] In Dead Space: Extraction, they attack only with their fists, to the point of dropping any weapons they are carrying to do so.[1][note 1]

Symptoms Edit

"I have no doubt they are somehow linked to discovery of the marker, but the exact nature of that connection is still unknown. Almost 40 percent of the colonists are experiencing a form of dementia. The obvious symptoms are acute depression, insomnia and hallucination. Incidence of violence and even murder also indicate extreme paranoia."
Dr. Terrence Kyne[3]

Natalia Deshyanov 2

Natalia Deshyanov has a vision of stabbing Tom Sciarello with a syringe

All of those who become affected by the Marker show similar psychological problems which can not be cured and only get worse with time. The first symptoms appear to be: difficulty sleeping[4], nausea[4] and mild paranoia. They can sometimes be treated with over-the-counter sedatives as seen with Brant Harris and Vera Cortez, but this treatment remains highly ineffective. These symptoms do not interfere with the victims' perception of reality and allows them to function, for the most part, normally. However, within a short time, most afflicted personnel begin to suffer mood swings and a general decrease in self-preservation; also notable are visual and audio hallucinations with increasing frequency. This stage is very short and typically lasts less than one day as seen with Natalia Deshyanov.[4] Final stage colonists appear to be immersed in total delusion or complete despair, the former of which acting on their hallucinations in either suicidal or homicidal ways.[4][1]

Trivia Edit

  • Crazed colonists first appeared in Dead Space (Comics), but were not encountered as in-game enemies until Extraction.
  • Crazed colonists are susceptible to decapitation, which results in an instant-kill.[1]
  • Crazed colonists act, attack and sound like zombies, this is seen in chapter 2 in the office that has the exit outside, a woman is mauling a corpse and runs.
  • In Dead Space: Ignition, Armado Creeg, an engineer and resident of The Sprawl, possibly became one of the crazed colonists.

Notable Afflicted IndividualsEdit

On Aegis VIIEdit

On The USG IshimuraEdit

On The USG O'Bannon Edit



  1. It is important to remember, however, that numerous colonists who lost it prior to planet crack did use weapons when attacking others.


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