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The Conning Tower is a location on the CMS Terra Nova in Dead Space 3 and Awakened, and the site of the Conning Tower optional mission.



Not much is known about the original purpose of the Conning Tower, but during the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces' expedition to Tau Volantis, they used it to store the "infected soldiers" bodies. When the Scenario Five order came, two S.C.A.F. soldiers, Tucker Edwards and Valery Dietz, were discussing the order. As Edwards didn't understand the protocol, Dietz woefully explained that everyone -- including them, had to die, or someone else would do it for them, as she held up a weapon against Edwards. Edwards tried to convince her not to shoot him, but ended up shooting her instead, vowing that if anyone tries to come for him, "they'll be sorry".

Edwards put his time to rigging traps using the Necromorphs and resources in the Tower to deter S.C.A.F. soldiers from pursuing him. At first, he was prepared to do whatever it took to ensure he would continue living; but as time passed on, he felt more guilty and remorseful for killing Dietz and being the only one who survived Scenario Five. After an indeterminable amount of time in the Conning Tower, he decided to "take one for the team" and commit suicide via lethal gunshot, his traps still active throughout the Tower.

Events of Dead Space 3Edit

When Isaac Clarke restores power to the Terra Nova and and enters the tram after avoiding the Regenerators, he notices two stations: Aft Station, where the CMS Crozier is docked; and Mid Station, Conning Tower's location. Austin Buckell discovers that "a number of useful tools and salvage were signed out from storage there" by Edwards; he notifies Isaac of this discovery. The player has the choice to explore the Conning Tower in order to find Edwards' stash of tools and resources.

Isaac first has to find the key to get into the Tower, which is in a nearby tram control station next to an Audio Log, warning against doing so. While Isaac travels through the Tower, he runs into many of Edwards' traps; including quarantine lockdowns reminiscent to the ones encountered in the original Dead Space, electric fences, gravity plating overloads, and the awakening of the dormant Necromorphs stored in the Tower. As he travels, he hears Edwards via pre-recorded messages dissuading him from continuing, giving the illusion that, despite the derelict flotilla has orbited Tau Volantis for 200 years, he's still alive.  

Isaac was able to disarm each of Edwards' traps and make it to the top of the Conning Tower, where he finds Edwards corpse sitting in a chair, and his stash nearby. Isaac loots it and tries to leave the room, but Edwards had one last trap set up for anyone who was still alive; he set off any remaining explosives in the Tower and Isaac has to fight through the Necromorphs awakened by them and escape it. When he escapes, he tells Buckell that he is headed to the Aft Section of the Terra Nova to check out the Crozier, hoping "it's not a piece of shit", which Buckell laughs at.

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