Conduit Room
Conduit rooms
are special areas in Dead Space 2 accessible only to Xbox 360 and PS3 players who had a savegame file from Dead Space: Ignition. There are 4 rooms throughout the game and each contained various loot as well as exclusive audio and text logs left behind by Franco Delille. For players without aforementioned savegames (Or for PC players), these rooms will remain locked.


  • The first room is located in Chapter 1: Where Am I?. Once Isaac is in the elevator that opens into the room with the balloons, turn to the left. The conduit room is at the end of that hallway. This conduit room contains an audio log left by Franco.
  • The second room is located in Chapter 2: I Need Transportation. When you walk into the hallway where the shuttle exploded outside the window, walk down to the end of the hallway until you see a door that says "conduit room" above it. Inside the room, you will find the Hacker Suit schematic and various loot.


  • When inside the third conduit room inside the Church of Unitology, the waypoint points the player toward a blank wall.