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Date of death:

Unknown, presumably 2514

Physical information



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Church of Unitology, The Circle

"Collin, Get your guys over here! He's this way!"
—Circle member


Little is known about Collin except that he was a member of Danik's Circle sent to Tau Volantis to kill  Isaac Clarke. Based on the first (and only) radio transmission where his name is heard, Collin is probably a high-ranking officer or squad leader.

He was most likely killed during the firefight after Isaac descends from the cargo lift, either by him or by the numerous Necromorphs swarming at the far side of the zone.


  • Collin probably had some sort of importance or high rank in the Circle as he leads his own squad.
  • Collin is not seen or heard of anymore after the radio transmission, so he may have died sometime after it was sent.

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