"The Codex. It's the key to saving everything!"
Earl Serrano[1]

DS3 Codex 03

The Codex.

The Codex is a man-made device created by the S.C.A.F. in a move to stop Convergence by preventing the spread of the Marker signal perpetuated by the Moon.[2][3] It was built to work in conjunction with the machine buried in the alien ruins beneath the surface of Tau Volantis.[4][5]


Events of 2314 and 2514Edit

On June 18, 2314 Tim Caufman & Sam Ackerman are sent by Dr. Earl Serrano on the final day of a facility wide outbreak and cleanse order to locate the codex. Tim finds the codex lodged within the main module of a crashed ship, and after fighting his way through a horde of Necromorphs, rapelling down a cliff, and dodging the debris of the falling vessell (Sam being crushed by debris), he finds himself within an encampment on base, only to see all of his comrades had committed suicide as part of the final containment protocol. Tim encounters General Mahad, who is convinced that Dr. Serrano is far too optimistic, and that in order to prevent the Necromorphs from escaping the planet, everyone must die. Mahad kills Tim and purges the original codex of its information, following by committing suicide himself. At some point before (presumably by Dr. Serrano), a new codex was placed in the workstation of the Rosetta Lab to be used in the future, in case he failed.

In 2514, Isaac Clarke and his team discover aboard the CMS Roanoke a major clue suggesting a way to turn off the Markers when he and John Carver investigate the Admiral's Quarters aboard the derelict vessel. The Admiral had been driven mad by the Markers influence and was desperate to create a "key" to a machine that would turn them off, which she hoped would stop the torment that was being afflicted onto her mind. Isaac and his company follow this clue in the belief that Tau Volantis is the Marker Homeworld, and down on the surface they will find the answer they seek.

After facing off head to head with both Necromorphs and The Circle, Isaac and his group eventually discover that the source of the key can be found with research pertaining to a woman named Rosetta, to which they discover isn't a person but a research facility within the colony. Within the facility, they discover that they are able to craft a key from the mental capabilities of Rosetta by reassembling her separated body and probing her mind of its information. From the memories of the alien creature, they find out that the key powers a Alien Machine that was activated to stop a Convergence Event from finalizing a Necromorph Moon, and if the machine is turned off, the Convergence will continue, thus completeing the monstrosity.

It is not long until Jacob Danik, leading the Unitologist group who are in opposition of Clarke and his team, intercepts the key Clarke crafted with the hopes of turning off the machine and releasing the moon, as he believes it is a divine being. Despite initially succeeding, Isaac is able to use the codex to complete the machine and kill the moon.


  • The Codex greatly resembles a cryptex, a device featured in Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code.
  • General Mahad inexplicably knows the alien code to delete the information on the Codex, probably from documents which were subsequently destroyed.
  • The Codex displays text in the proper direction when the code is being input, but when it lands upside down it displays the text right side up to the viewer and completely upside down on the Codex' screen for an inexplicable reason.




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