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2508[note 1]

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  • Pilot of the Kellion




"USG Ishimura, this is the emergency maintenance team of the USG Kellion responding to your distress call. Come in Ishimura."

Corporal Chen was the pilot of the USG Kellion, and a member of the shuttle's security detail.

Chen was the first individual to communicate to the Ishimura. He is able to successfully crash-land the Kellion aboard the planet cracker despite a failure in the auto-docking procedure.

Chen was later killed, however, by a slasher in the Flight Lounge; the Slasher blindsided him as he attempted to kill the creature that had beheaded fellow security officer and co-pilot, Corporal Johnston. The Necromorph pounced on Chen and bit him in the throat, a wound that proved lethal within moments. The Corporal's Security RIG flat-lined almost immediately.

By the time Isaac Clarke returned to the Flight Lounge, Chen's (along with Johnston's) body had already vanished, which may suggest that he was transformed into a Necromorph, as his body was more or less intact.


  • Chen is a skilled pilot as he was able to crash-land the Kellion without any damage to the crew despite a failure in the auto-docking procedure.
  • Chen's attempt to hail the Ishimura from Chapter 1 remains identical in Chapter 10 of Dead Space: Extraction and differs only at the end of Dead Space: Downfall.
  • The Vanishing Man in Chapter 4 of Dead Space resembles a battered Chen.
    • In fact, the vanishing man in Chapter 4 of Dead Space could be a hallucination of Chen, saying that the vanishing man was more than likely a hallucination and his resemblance to Chen, plus Isaac probably started hallucinating at this point.
    • The Vanishing Man had indeed reused a bloody model of Chen, as does many other bodies of male crew members.
  • Chen was the second crew-member of the USG Kellion to be killed after Johnston.
  • For reasons unknown, Chen was programmed to shoot at the wall instead at the Necromorph who attacked his fellow, Johnston.



  1. Dead Space takes place three years before the events of Dead Space 2.


  1. Dead Space: Chapter 1: New Arrivals
  2. Dead Space: Extraction: Chapter 10: Secrets and Salvation

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