Off The Grid
Ds3-chapter 8
Game: Dead Space 3
Place: Tau Volantis
Previous Chapter: Mayhem
Next Chapter: Onward
Objective: Search for survivors
Ishimura Dead Space Wiki has a walkthrough guide to this level, Chapter 8: Off The Grid. See Chapter 8: Off The Grid/Walkthrough.

'Off The Grid'is the eighth chapter of Dead Space 3.


After a very dangerous and troublesome descent to Tau Volantis which did not go down well at all, resulting in the death of a couple crew members and seperating Isaac from everyone else, Isaac wakes up after a while still seated in the now destroyed Crozier upside down. Disorientated and not knowing where he is or what to expect, Isaacs RIG has been badly damaged and his helmet is not working, he has crash landed on Tau Volantis which is quite clearly a very cold, snow covered and treacherous place. He must leave his crash site and proceed to find shelter and also try and find signs of Ellie and the others. Unsure if they have survived or not while using the fires from the crash site to keep his body temperature up so he doesnt freeze to death. Eventually finding another large section of the downed Crozier he sees a dead body thinking it might be Ellie but is relieved to see its Mark Rosens body. After watching a short video message showing Ellie, Santos and Norton still alive and heading for shelter, Ellie quickly pleads for Isaac to still be alive and has left a trail of flares for him to follow. The flares lead through a couple of outposts and eventually to an abandoned waystation where Isaac sees Buckell, who is dying from hypothermia and exposure to the cold. He reveals that Ellie and the rest had acquired arctic survival gear and are heading to a nearby S.C.A.F facility but that there wasnt enough snow suits for him and that there might be  more in the basement but there was strange noises coming from down there so he stayed behind. He then passes away and Isaac must now proceed down to acquire a snow suit

Walkthrough Edit

Tau Volantis Crash Site Edit

When you regain control, you will find yourself in a crash site. Unfortunately our suit is also malfunctioning and as such we no longer have access to the suit’s locator function and additionally, due to lack of insulation, Isaac has a little body temperature issue as well. You will see the body temperature indicator on his back and if it gets too low Isaac will black out and die. For the next little bit until we reach a suit kiosk, you need to stay close to fires to increase Isaacs body temperature.

As you begin, move forward and grab the med pack and ammo nearby. There is a weapon part – Survey Charge [Weapon Part 1/3]. Continue forward; following the fires in the distance until you reach a snowy cliff. Follow this to the right until a scene plays.

Once Isaac stands up, look behind the fire to the right for an upgrade circuit [Circuit 1/2].  Follow the set path away from the debris, stopping at the fire in the distance if necessary. Continue up the small path to the left of the cliff ahead and at the end of this you will find another piece of ship wreckage (note there is an upgrade circuit near the entrance to the wreckage on new game +). Enter the ship for a short scene.

Afterwards check out the video log here for a tip on how to proceed. Follow the flares! Exit from the far side of the wreckage and look for the flare off to the left.  Continue along this path until you reach the cliff for a scene.

Tau Volantis Research Base Outskirts Edit

Move forward until you find the red wall on the left. Follow this inside to find a door. Head on into the small building here.  Grab the text log [Log 1/4] from the table to the left and use kinesis on the crank at the opposite end of the room to reactivate the power. This includes an audio log [Log 2/4] on the table nearby.

Exit the building and continue following the flares to the left and under the pipeline. Smash the crates at the base of ladder if you are keen and then climb it to the top. Turn left and enter the room at the end of the catwalk.  Activate the generator in here and look on the nearby desk for a blueprint – Bolas Gun [Blueprint 1/1]. Loot the lockers here and use the bench if you are interested and then head out the nearby exit. Take the lift here down to a lower walkway.

Enter the broken pipeline to the right and as you enter, look right for an upgrade circuit [Circuit 2/2]. Run all the way to the end of the pipe. Upon exiting, turn around and run behind the end of the pipe continue along until you reach another small building. Go inside, activate the generator and grab the weapon part – Compressor [Weapon Part 2/3] (note this is here on new game + as a MK-II Compressor) from the desk in the corner. Exit and return to the where we exited the pipe earlier.

Continue on from the end of the pipe until you reach a few sets of bollards leading to a locked door to the right (this is an optional mission a little later on so remember where it is!).  Kill the three slashers that jump out of the snow as you approach and climb the ladder opposite the locked door. At the top grab the S.C.A.F Artefact [Artefact 1/1] here. Return down the ladder, turn left and continue past the locked door until you reach the next building. Kill the spitter and slasher and then head inside.

Grab the text log here [Log 3/4] and then activate the generator in here, this will activate a nearby audio log [Log 4/4]. Exit the door here when you are ready to continue. In case you are playing on the Hardcore mode, you can collect unlimited resources from this room, simply go out of the door and come back in. There would be a resource item present on the place the text log was there. This is of great help in survival mode.

As you exit a group of three slashers will emerge from the mist in front. Kill them and continue until you reach the flare in front.  Keep going until you see a building on the left. Three more slashers will jump out of the snow to attack here. There is some ammo scattered at the base of the building if you require it.

Look on the wall opposite the building and continue forward a short way to find a cave. Kill the two slashers here and proceed inside.  At the centre of the large room you will find a weapon part – Stasis coating [Weapon Part 3/3] (note this appears in new game + as a MK-II Stasis Coating). Exit the cave and turn right, continue following the building around to the left to find a door killing the 5-6 slashers that appear as you go.  When the outside is clear, go on inside.

Move forward until you see a scene to complete the mission.


In order of appearance:


  • If the player (Isaac) is wearing any suit besides the EVA suit at the start of the level, the blood and snow on Isaac's face will not appear. Isaac's face will be perfectly clean.
  • The objective waypoint is nonfuctional in this chapter, due to Isaac's damaged RIG.
  • This chapter appeared as the downloadable demo for Dead Space 3 prior to the game's release, however the demo contained significantly shortened sequencing, removing major portions from the playable segment as well as removing the body heat mechanic and Isaac's broken helmet.
  • Early promotional material depicted Isaac wearing the Advanced Suit for this chapter, although this later changed to the Arctic Survival Suit and finally to the EVA Suit. The Advanced Suit was completely removed from the game.


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