Walkthrough Edit

Keep running straight through the next door and down the hall. Take a right an go through the next door. Slash the power node to the left here. Continue forward. Go straight. Head through the vault door. Ignore the path to the left and go through the next vault door as well. Run forward through the large expanse. A lockdown ensues. Eliminate all enemies. Once you've done so continue forward through the door. Run straight down the hall and curve around. Take the first door outlined in blue. Run across the bridge into the tram. Once aboard, you'll need to fight your way to the end of the chapter. Turn around and head back through the door with the orange consoles. As you make your way down the hallway, you guessed it, another lockdown ensues. Get medieval on the necromorphs until they've all been wiped out. Then run forward to the vault-like door and keep making your way forward, eliminating any opposition along the way. Head down the hallway and take a right at the crossroads. Continue on down the hallway, avoiding the boxes, and take your first right. Go straight down the winding corridor until you come to a panel on the wall. You'll be assaulted by a necromorph, but cut the panel with your saw. Take out the remaining monsters and take a left from the panel through the door.

Slice through the panel on the wall here as well. Go through the vault-like door. Defeat the enemies in front of you and run ahead to another vault door. It's locked, so cut the power node on the wall in order to gain access. There's another one right across from it, so destroy that as well. Go through the door up ahead. Move the boxes on the bridge out of the way with Kinesis and cross to the other side, bearing to the left. Advance to the bridge at the end of this area and turn left to cross it. Run straight until the two pieces of machinery block your way forward, and then head in through the vault door to your right.Follow the corridor straight on as it seemingly never ends, somehow seeming to get longer as you advance. Finish off the Necromorphs as they approach. Near the end of this tunnel-like enclosure, turn right and head through the vault door. As you enter the next area and begin to advance, you'll be caught in the middle of another lockdown. Fight it out, and turn around to run through the door. You're heading to the Purification Plant. Walk through the door to the right of the store and run ahead to the impending mini boss fight. Advance forward to end the chapter.

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