Ultimate Weapon CombinationEdit

One of the best weapons to craft, if you have the Witness the Truth Pack DLC, is what the Clever Noob walkthrough (see above video) calls the "GTFO" gun. Disassemble the Evangelizer that is stored in your safe from the DLC download, then craft a weapon with the following statistics:

  • Heavy Elite Frame (obtained from disassembling the Evangelizer), or Standard Heavy Frame if Elite is not available.
  • Military Engine (Upper Tool)
  • Evangelizer Conic Dispersal (Upper Tool's Tip, obtained from disassembling the Evangelizer)
  • Plasma Core (Lower Tool)
  • Upgrade damage and rate-of-fire for the top tool, and all damage or damage/clip/reload for the bottom tool.
  • Later on in the game, add the stasis attachment so every shot briefly slows down enemies (Attachment 2).

The Witness the Truth DLC came with the Limited Edition, so everyone who pre-ordered should have it. This is the ultimate weapon to use during the game, and will dramatically help you beat Hardcore mode.

If you don't have the DLC required, it is highly recommended that you save all of your resources until you have enough to craft the Conic Dispersal tip, which will apply the same shotgun effect as the Evangelizer Conic Dispersal. You can create the same gun with non-DLC parts by Chapter 5. See the Chapter 5 Walkthrough Video for more information.

The reason this gun is so great, is because the shotgun will annihilate any and all enemies very quickly. The top tool  has a very high range of fire, it is very accurate, a very wide-spread of fire, and is the strongest weapon in the game when you compare clip size to damage per round. The bottom tool is a Force Gun (a stacked Force Gun when you add Damage) that will push every enemy back when they get close to you, and will temporarily stasis freeze them with each shot once you add the stasis attachment. Enemies are fast in Dead Space and will get close to you. When that happens, fire the lower tool, because it has a high rate of fire. If you fire the shotgun, you'll be leaving yourself vulnerable for roughly 1.5 seconds, whereas if you fire the lower tool, you can immediately follow up the knockback-shot with a shotgun blast. 

It is easily the best combination in the game for damage, survivability, and adaptation. It works especially well with the second gun that the Clever Noob walkthrough crafts later on, the "Doom and Boom" (See later videos).

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