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Central Command of the Facility One on Tau Volantis is a large rectangular room with a small model of the Facility One and its surroundings mounted on a large, rectangular table in the middle. Map charts adorn the walls, along with blueprints, documents and also a paper showing the anatomy of a Snow Beadt and comfortable chairs are scattered around the room.

An audio recording between General Mahad and Dr. Seranno can be found, a tungsten torque bar locked room can be found along the wall adjacent to the hallway exit and a bench is located at the exit of the room leading to the hallway that leads to an outside catwalk and an excavation site. The other exit leads to another exit with a large door that is not active and a maintenance door leading to the courtyard.

The room was used by the Eudora crew as a meeting place after their crash on the planet and Isaac's and Carver's seperation.

After the Moon was pulled down by the Machine, the room was used by the Circle remnant who used the place for suicides. Couple insane soldiers can be also found repeating "They are hungry, they are coming" over and over. The Beginning of Chapter 10 of DS3 takes place in Central Command.

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