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Catherine Howell
Catherine Howell
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Catherine Howell, also known as Karen Howell, was a doctor and botanist of the Hydroponics section of the USG Ishimura.[1][2]


The Second Aegis 7 IncidentEdit

Howell was one of the few survivors aboard the ship after the initial infestation of Necromorphs. She initially moved into the water treatment area beneath Hydroponics, where she encountered a group of survivors; however, she promptly fled upon the appearance of a massive aquatic Necromorph.[1] Following her return to Hydroponics, she recorded her findings on the Necromorphs and their behavior.[2]

Howell then began moving throughout Hydroponics, assaulted by both Necromorphs and violent hallucinations, when she came upon Lexine Murdoch. Howell briefly treated Lexine's nausea, the two made their way towards the Hydroponics Tram, Howel quite literally cutting through numerous Necromorphs, including a lengthy engagement with a Brute. Upon reaching the Information Center, she encountered Nathan McNeill, Gabe Weller, and Warren Eckhardt, who had survived their earlier battle.

Revealing that they had been attempting to seal off all access to the water system in order to slow the advancing Necromorphs, Howell volunteered to oversee the operation as the others lacked the codes and understanding of the system that she possessed. With that decision, McNeill, Weller and Lexine left to scout ahead at the Tram Station, leaving Howell under the protection of Eckhardt. She quickly questioned him for organizing the entire replacement of her staff, as well as the rest of the USG Ishimura, with devout Unitologists, chastising him for it and directly blaming the Necromorph infestation and the massive death toll on their presence. Before she could persist, a Drag Tentacle appeared and attacked her.[note 1] Eckhardt seized the opportunity and escaped, sealing the door behind him. The Drag Tentacle grabbed Catherine and dragged her inside a hole, where she was likely killed.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Howell is voiced by Archie Panjabi in Dead Space: Extraction.
  • Her signature weapon was the Ripper.
  • She is the only individual in Extraction to kill a Brute.
  • She and Lexine had a strong bond after meeting. Lexine was saddened to learn of her death and became even more determined to escape the doomed starship.
  • She is one of three playable characters that dies in Extraction along with Sam Caldwell and Nathan McNeill.
  • The best look at Howell only shows the upper part of her torso and her head, meaning it is not clear what her lower body looks like.
  • She is one of the only two playable female character in all of the Dead Space games, the other being Karrie Norton.


  1. The origin of the attacking appendage is unknown, though it is presumably related or identical to the various Drag Tentacles encountered throughout the vessel.


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