Carlos Sciarello
Mentioned-only character
Biographical information


Earth (United States sector)

Physical information






Black (greying)



Chronological and political information

Notable facts:

  • A petty criminal in the streets of North Carolina
  • Older brother of Dr. Sciarello

Carlos Sciarello, was the older brother of Tom Sciarello; before the incident on the Aegis VII Colony.

Information Edit

He is described to be in his early to mid 40's, with grey blackish hair and an African-American, green eyes and is a little bit tall.

He was following the footsteps of Tom, his wife and two children. hanging out in the train rails, with crime gangs, and was actually a petty criminal at first, what calls him a criminal was these examples (i.e. robbing banks, murder, drug trade, and etc) he was arrested various times in and out. Carlos' fate is not known, but he is considered to be deceased in his own account.

Carlos once has an affiliation with the Hidden Valley Kings.

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