Caleb Campbell
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2508 (Dead Space: Aftermath)

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Captain of the USG O'Bannon[1]

"Alright you bastards, come and get it!"
—Campbell's last words[1]

Caleb Campbell was the captain of the USG O'Bannon.


Campbell and his crew of the O'Bannon set out to Aegis VII to find shards of the Red Marker. However not long after reaching Aegis VII. The landing crew encountered difficulty with the stabilizers overloading, which was made irrecoverable by Nikolas Kuttner, forcing the landing crew to abandon the planet as it started to break up.

He had attempted to get the O'Bannon further away from the planet to get clear of the planet's gravity well to shock out. But was to late as the ship was caught and damaged much of the ship's systems including it's Shockpoint Drive, leaving them stranded and at the mercy of planetary debris.

When Nolan Stross attempted to warn him of the Necromorph outbreak, he had been busy talking with Alejandro Borges concerning the Shockpoint Drive thus ignored Stross all together. He along with two security officers were able to survive long enough to meet up with Stross, Isabel Cho, and Nikolas Kuttner. But as they made their escape into the vents, the Necromorphs overwhelmed the last of the security officers. Campbell, Kuttner, Cho and Stross flee into the vents and make it to Stross' lab, where they meet with Borges, and two officers from the bridge. There he asks Stross to explain what was happening on the ship, and after learning that destroying the shard could stop the Necromorphs. Borges suggests that throwing it into the reactor core, with weapons made by Borges, they head to engineering. Debris from the planet causes a hull breach, damaging the outer door control for engineering. Captain Campbell sacrifices himself to seal the door manually then uses a grenade made by Borges to blow himself and a group of necromorphs surrounding him up.


  • Campbell has a scar on his left eye. However, this scar is not present during Stross' flashback.
  • Campbell apparently has a wife who tried to convince him to retire before setting out to Aegis VII.
  • Campbell is voiced by Graham McTavish, who provided the voice of Dante Alighieri in another of EA's games: Dante's Inferno, which actually made a cameo appearance in the film.
  • Campbell shows similarities with Captain Matthius, as they both have white hair, white beard, blue eyes, are captain of course, and are touched by the marker's influence (Except Campbell wasn't in its constant presence). Campbell, however, managed to keep his sanity until his death. However, as he explains "the voices in my head", Stross takes the marker shard away from his presence thus preventing him from succumbing to any further dementia.



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