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CMS Greely
DS3 CMS Greely
Production information


Experimental Auxiliary Research Ship

Technical Specifications

The CMS Greely is a Sovereign class research vessel that makes up one of the ships in the orbital flotilla around Tau Volantis.


Events of Dead Space 3Edit


The CMS Greely is a research vessel that is a location in Dead Space 3 when Isaac is venturing to the CMS Terra Nova to repair the CMS Crozier. When Isaac ventures outside of the CMS Roanoke he begins to pick up on a signal of unknown origin; a looping message mentioning a code "Papa Sierra". Jennifer Santos realizes that the signal is being generated from the Greely and then becomes an accessible location for Isaac.

Entering the Greely starts the optional mission. Upon venturing into the Greely, Isaac meets a problem, a security lockdown locking most of the doors and a power outage. After turning on the power, Santos tells Isaac that the lockdown originated from the Greely's radio room, and after disabling the lockdown, an audio log reveals what caused the power outage and security lockdown; a Doctor Barton was attempting to broadcast the coded message to Tau Volantis, but was caught by S.C.A.F. soldiers during the Scenario Five order. When the soldiers attempted to interrogate them, they locked themselves inside with the broadcasting equipment. Since the order was to ensure no one lives, they cut the power in order to disable life support and stop the broadcast. 

Upon further exploration of the Greely, Isaac finds a room with an overloading power generator and disabling it, overloading some of the gravity plating. Further investigation of the room will reveal a key and an audio log by a Laura Engstrom pleading for Barton to send the coded message to Dr. Serrano or all of their work would be destroyed. The key opens Engstrom's office, so Isaac decides to head for her office to decrypt the coded message. Because the power generator was disabled earlier by Isaac, some of the gravity plating was overloading on the way to Engstrom's office, making backtracking more difficult. Upon reaching the office, it is revealed that "Papa Sierra" meant "Hide Rosetta". When talking about it with Santos Isaac believed that the research involving "Rosetta" could be a key factor to the mission, which prompts Santos to question why issue the cleanse order if it meant destroying Rosetta, and Isaac figured that they either panicked or knew something the others didn't. Afterwards, Santos thanks Isaac for looking into the Greely and Isaac continues the mission at whatever the point the player left off.

Later in the chapter after Isaac goes to the Terra Nova he must venture back to the CMS Greely and salvage a port side engine from a dismantled shuttle. After getting the engine Isaac returns to the Roanoke and the Greely is left in orbit with the rest of the ships in the flotilla after Isaac and the other survivors launch the shuttle to the surface.

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  • The Greely is one of the flotilla ships dispatched with the other Sovereign Colony warships over 200 years before the events of Dead Space .
  • The Greely was a research vessel smaller than all the other ships in the fleet.
  • The CMS Greely is an optional mission location in the game and it is up to the player to venture inside.
  • The Greely seems to be the exact same model as the CMS Brusilov.
  • A scuttled Shuttle is near the Greely and the port engine is taken for the CMS Crozier .
  • Following a common theme, the ship is named after an officer of the United States Army and a Polar explorer Adolphus Greely[1].
  • According to the SK-1P, its alias is "Think Tank".

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