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CMS Brusilov
DS3 CMS Greely
Production information


Modified Light Frigate / Mine Counter-measures[1]

Technical Specifications


Long-Range Missile defense short-range reactionless mass cannon mine-deployment bay



Hospital Ship/Security


Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces


S.C.A.F. Expedition to Tau Volantis

Known Owner(s):

Sovereign Colonies


CMS Brusilov (or "The Surgeon / The Comeback Kid") is a Sovereign Colonies ship orbiting Tau Volantis. To keep the research operation safe, the Brusilov was deployed to watch over the fleet, specialising in long-range detection of incoming ships. It was equipped with a missile system and large mass cannons for close-range combat, as well as a system that it used to deploy space mines. Aside from the weaponry, the Brusilov had crew accommodations that were significantly less comfortable than those found on the other ships. The ship was designed to operate solely in deep space.[2]


Events of Dead Space 3Edit


The CMS Brusilov is the ship where the first co-op mission in the game takes place. It is out of the way and there are no mission activation places for the co-op mission until the players decide to go there themselves, after which Carver will receive a transmission from his son, Dylan Carver and request to check out the ship. Upon entering the ship, Isaac and Carver face a problem; the Brusilov lacks air, so they need restore life support to properly explore the ship. Upon returning life support to the Brusilov, Carver hears another transmission from Dylan, who sounds terrified. Carver is determined to find where the transmission originated from.

Upon reaching a deeper section of the ship, They both reach a room with a Marker that has cords running into it, indicating the crew were running tests on it before the Scenario Five cleanse order. Carver sees a toy soldier near the Marker and approaches it, but Isaac tells him to stay away from the Marker, not noticing the soldier. Carver tells him not to worry, and he picks up the soldier and hears an eerie voice telling him, "Why did you do it?" and the Marker glows red. It is then revealed to the players that Carver is being affected by dementia from the Marker. Isaac snaps Carver out of the trance as Necromorphs swarm the room.

After killing all of the enemies, the players will find a storage container filled with a number of tool parts and resources as a reward for completing the mission. Upon exiting the room to leave the Brusilov, life support systems were cut off presumably by the Necromorphs, which gives the players a time limit to get off the ship before they suffocate. Upon leaving the ship, Isaac figured the Marker showed Carver something and asked him what he saw; Carver denies the assumption and tells Isaac to forget what happened in the Brusilov and to focus on getting to the planet, to which Isaac agrees.

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  • Following a common theme, the ship is named after an officer of the Imperial Russian Navy and an Arctic explorer, Georgy Brusilov, who died during an expedition.[3]
  • According to the Official Strategy Guide, the Brusilov is a mine warfare vessel, which was responsible for releasing the mines that destroyed the Galactic Expedition flotilla. Its model as presented in the guide is also significantly different from the re-used CMS Greely model in the game.


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