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Isaac suffering the harsh cold temperatures

In the beginning of Chapter 8: Off The Grid, Isaac woke up from a very troublesome decent into Tau Volantis. Aside from that, Isaac's helmet is malfunctioning. This led to Isaac or Carver to suffer extreme hypothermia. Fortunately, Isaac can warm up with nearby fires. If Isaac or Carver can stay away from a heat source for too long, their body temperature would begin to drop, bringing down the number of degrees celsius on the small heads up display portrayed on Isaac's back similar to the oxygen indicator. The most time that Isaac can stay alive without any heat is 4 minutes, then he collapsed and died. Isaac had to deal with this until the beginning of Chapter Nine where Isaac looked for a new suit to withstand the cold. During his search, Isaac will find huts with goodies and a generator to fill their body temperature to the maximum which is 37 celsius. Isaac eventually found a suit to be able to proceed in the story.

Trivia Edit

  • Even if Isaac had the Arctic Survival Suit before crashing into Tau Volantis, Isaac will still go through hypothermia.
  • When playing in co-op after the crash land, Carver's helmet will not malfunction like Isaac's, but he will still go through hypothermia, even if Carver had the Arctic Survival Suit.

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