• Pilot8

    Dead Space Live Action Trailer

    September 14, 2017 by Pilot8

    This live action was by Machinima its great!!

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  • Earth's Lady

    Guys, i can't freely speak English, but i'm gonna try. Turn off your rough words. Fnaf fans, please, leave this page

    At first, look at 

    Cutest engineer and also cutest game character ever. No, seriously! Just look at his face in DS 2 images, and in third game... well, he became even better. I really love his expression from second game's intro. And his handy abilities make me smile: Isaac removed Stasis and Kinesis modules from ordinary hospital's devices. And you know, I wanna cry every time, when accidentally letting him to die. It feels like i cut his head out of whole body. 

    When i saw her in the first time, i disliked her. But later...

    Guys, honestly i love kissing Isaac and John (that fics rated teen and audience, i read it only because …

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  • Skullboy88
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  • Theend222

    glitchs is the series

    January 28, 2015 by Theend222

    hi im just wanting to see what glitches are in the dead space series and what they do if anything and if you can use them to your advantage.

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  • BenDeVitto

    Dead Space Marathon.

    January 7, 2015 by BenDeVitto

    So I've been a follower of Dead Space since it came out and have decided to do a marathon of the game consisting of Dead space 1, 2, and 3. No add-ons or anything, just the classic base games we all know and love. Hardest difficulty. 

    I will be making this a community driven playthrough, Send me messages on this blog about what weapons I should use, What kind of combat style I should focus on, and once I get to Dead Space 3, What side missions I should do and once again, what weapons I should go with. Or I'll just say I can only use Pistol type weapons or something like that.

    I don't have reliable streaming of any kind so I will be updating what I've been doing on this blog. 

    I'll try for video but I can guarantee it will be low quality.

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  • Kpsunbear21

    Theme madness/dead space branch Ultimate feeling of Being alone. If you where the only planet in the galaxy. Chapters. Different POV. SCAF research facility and ship. Nazi style propaganda littered throughout game with varying visual intensity as game progresses.

    Explore facility then travel to ship to escape but find ship infected and derelict.

    Different characters, part of a repair/security crew on a military ship. Ship lands in facility safely. story progresses and player returns to ship to escape but crash lands out side facility.

    No Repetition in enemies. Players soon find enemies predictable. Know which vents/ places they will pop out.

    Have a random number of times a random encounter is activated. Maybe three enemies are present in one a…

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  • The spy1

    Dead Space 3 prequel

    November 6, 2014 by The spy1

    I wanted to get this out that I'm planning to a make a prequel to Dead Space 3 which mainly focuses on the events that lead up to the prologue in the game. It's called Dead Space: Wastleland and it's meant to explain what happened to the research expedition sent by SCAF on Tau Volantis. I don't know how I want to tell the story yet, but I'm planning to make Tim Caufman and Sam Ackerman main characters.

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  • D0S1981

    Sweet Music to my Ears

    September 23, 2014 by D0S1981

    Ok, so we all know by now that Dead Space is friggin awesome, and the sounds and noises add to the already terrifying experience of Issacs 'one man' rampage aginst the Necro-twots. But am i the only one that prefers to play the game without the music? As cool as the Hollywood-esque jingles are, i just find myself more immersed, and cacking my pants, when playing with just the sounds of the falling wrenches, baby cries, screaming people, and all out Necro-nastiness that the game provides my auditory senses. It makes me feel more like i'm experiencing the experience that Issac is experiencing, the way he himself would experience it were this real. (soz, there was a sale on for the word experience) I'm just wondering if anyone else plays it th…

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  • Big Brother 99
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  • TheBlueRogue

    As a part of Holiday Know Days, we are kicking off an exciting Community Choice Awards event for Gaming. The 2013 year has brought us plenty of amazing times, and now it's time to separate the best from the rest. The nominations for this year have been announced, and now it's to up to you, the users, to decide who comes out on top! We've got several categories, including Best Story, Best Setting, and Game of the Year!

    This year, Dead Space 3 has been nominated for Scariest Game of 2013! It's time to let the power of your vote be heard!

    Visit the Community Choice Awards Blog to vote! Be sure to vote in each category, click through them by hitting "Next" under each section! Some of these categories are not live yet, so be sure to check back December…

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