Benjamin Mathius
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2508, During the events of Dead Space: Downfall

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CEC, The Church of Unitology

"Don't tell me what to do, I'm the captain! This is my ship!"
—Matthius losing his sanity.

Benjamin Mathius was the Captain of the USG Ishimura before the events of Dead Space.


Prior to Dead SpaceEdit

Various logs found throughout the game revealed that he was a devout and a high-level Unitologist as it is evidenced by his hand-selection by the Church to lead the extraction of the Red Marker. He was one of the many who became increasingly delusional over the Marker's influence which he demanded that it should be taken immediately to the Church as it was his mission all along. Apparently, he made rash decisions such as denying Hydroponics to share their food surplus and quarantining the entire colony on Aegis VII (Ironically, to prevent the colonist's insanity from spreading to the Ishimura). Through a log made by Mathius, it is revealed that he believed that the Church planned on publicly revealing the Marker once it was in their possession (Though, given the clandestine nature of the Church, it is unknown whether this was the Church's true intentions). Also, as alleged in a log made by the Chief Comms Officer, after attempting to call for help, it appeared that Mathius overloaded the communications array in an effort to prevent any off-ship communications that could jeopardize the mission.

As the events progressed and Mathius became more and more erratic, Dr. Terrence Kyne declared him unfit for active duty and relieved him from command, ordering the Ishimura's security guards to restrain him. As Mathius struggled, the sedative was lodged in his eye by Dr. Kyne, killing him. It is unknown whether this was an accident or a deliberate act by Dr. Kyne. A text log, containing an autopsy of Mathius suggested that the needle went through the eye, through the skull and into the frontal lobe, killing him instantly. The security guards promptly turned on Kyne, despite his protests that the death was an accident. The events of Dead Space 2 pointed toward Kyne's motive: to activate the part of Mathius's brain that stored information about the Marker.

Events of Dead SpaceEdit

Mathius' body was taken to the morgue where his body laid while the Necromorphs began to overtake the ship. To access the Bridge's computer, the crew of the USG Kellion needed Mathius' RIG. Eventually, when Isaac Clarke came to retrieve it from the corpse of the former captain, an Infector leapt upon it, thereby resurrecting Mathius as an Enhanced Slasher (The first type of this enemy encountered in the game). Isaac promptly killed the creature, putting him down for good and taking his RIG.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a continuity error in Mathius' death between the movie and the game; the video log Isaac picks up depicting his death shows a more reasonable, calm Mathius that was still restrained as the needle went into his eye, then dies immediately (in the game, it seems to appear that Kyne may have done this on purpose, despite his claims). The Mathius from the film, however, broke free of his restrainers and savagely tried to kill Dr. Kyne, resulting in the needle accidentally going into his eye, then flailing about and falling face-first with the needle penetrating through his cranium into his brain, finally killing him (in the film's case, his death is clearly accidental).
    • This may be a purposeful move to illustrate the conflicting perceptions surrounding his death. On the other hand, it could be an oversight.
  • Mathius is killed (accidentally) via a needle in the eye. In Dead Space 2, both Nolan Stross and Isaac Clarke under go the procedure which involves a needle through the eye and into a particular part of the brain to retrieve the Marker codes so that another Marker could be built aboard Titan Station. Whether this is entirely coincidental or there was an explicit choice to include this reference remains to be seen.
  • Mathius was the very first person who Isaac witnessed transform into a Necromorph and was also the first Enhanced Necromorph he faced.
  • The Benjamin Mathius of the Dead Space comics is significantly different from the version of himself in the video game or film. In the comics, Mathius has no facial hair and appears slightly younger. Mathius in the video game, however, is older and voiced by J.G. Hertzler. The Mathius of the film is voiced by Jim Cummings, appears older and has white hair followed by a white beard.
  • It is stated in the autopsy log found in Chapter 2 that the captain's blood contained low amount of Leukocytes (White blood cells), while completely lacking Eosinophil, the white blood cells that are responsible for fighting off infections and parasites. According to the log, in pre-flight tests, this problem was not present. There is a very small possibility that these effects could be related to exposure to the Red Marker. It is also possible that this may be the Marker's way of allowing victims to be infected easier.
  • Mathius also makes his appearance (although dead) in Dead Space: Extraction and is featured in a few Hallucinations. The first Hallucination was Nathan McNeill in Chapter 5's Morgue, seeing Mathius sit up from his operating table. The second Hallucination appeared as Nathan McNeill was down in the Captain's Nest in Chapter 9, where Mathius was sitting in the Captain's Seat. As McNeill stepped close to him, Mathius looked back at him, the needle still stuck in his cranium, screaming.
  • With Mathius dead, D. White became the Ishimura's acting captain.
  • Mathius may be a reference to Jonathan Matthias, the leader of an occult in the movie The Omega Man, where he convicts the protagonist Robert Neville of heresy, as Mathius did to Kyne.
  • Strangely, when the captain dies in Downfall, his RIG does not make the flatline sound.

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