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Benedykt Maylech
Captain Benedykt Malyech 001
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"You don't understand... None of you understand... The truth... at last."
—Benedykt Malyech [1]

Benedykt Malyech was a Magpie and a fervent Unitologist.[2]


Benedykt Malyech was employed as a supervisor in the Concordance Extraction Corporation until his termination for leaking secrets. Out of a job and presumably blacklisted by the CEC, Malyech eventually joined the Magpies, a loose affiliation of freelance miners.

Magpie careerEdit

Malyech came to command the Black Beak, with Julia Copland as his second-in-command. In late 2508 or early 2509, Malyech and Copland took the Black Beak into the Aegis system, unofficially under the leadership of Jessica Li of the Hunter's Moon.



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