Dead Space 3: Awakened
Dead space 3 awakened

Visceral Games


Electronic Arts


PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Origin

Release date(s):

US: March 12, 2013[1]


Action-horror, third-person shooter


Drop In-Drop Out Online Co-Op[2]


ESRB Mature 17+ / PEGI 18

—Dead Space 3: Awakened Trailer

Dead Space 3: Awakened is a downloadable content pack and follow up to Dead Space 3. Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis teased that the experience featured the most "disturbing content" ever seen in a Dead Space game. Awakened was released on March 12, 2013.



After the battle with the Brethren Moon over Tau Volantis, Isaac Clarke and John Carver woke up on the surface of  Tau Volantis. They are shocked to find out that after falling to their near deaths, they are still alive. They then made their way across the surface of the frozen planet, finding memories of the horror that they experienced. After finding out that the Marker signal was still causing insanity, suicide and Necromorphs, they battled through more of the threat that they just faced. They then found out about a Unitologist ship that can take them back to Earth. After witnessing many ships lifting off, they found out that the ShockPoint Drive in the ship was missing. It can only take them to the CMS Terra Nova.

Once boarding the Terra Nova, Isaac and Carver must find a way to restore power to the derelict CMS Terra Nova and find a new ShockPoint Drive in order to return to Earth. However, within the halls of the old Sovereign Colonies ship, they encountered the remnants of the Circle who took refuge inside and began a new following in the name of the Necromorphs[1]. After dealing with the members of the Circle as well as their own insanity, Isaac and Carver found a new ShockPoint Drive, but Isaac is now losing his mind. He protested installing the ShockPoint Drive into the ship because he thought that if they install the ShockPoint Drive, the Brethren Moons will follow them to Earth and kill everyone living there. After Isaac and Carver had a hallucination of fighting each other, the hallucination was interrupted by another hallucination in which the Brethren Moons revealed that they were only slowing Isaac and Carver down and they knew where Earth was all along.

After regaining his sanity, Isaac admitted that Carver was right all along. He agreed to install the ShockPoint Drive into the Terra Nova. However, Carver then recalled that the Audio Logs hinted that the reactor could not power up enough energy in the engine to go into ShockSpace and return to Earth. They installed the ShockPoint Drive in the reactor and overloaded the reactor by dumping plutonium cores which generated enough power to enter ShockSpace. After returning to the bridge, they activated the ship and returned to Earth. After attempting to communicate with Earth, they heard transmissions of people getting slaughtered by the Necromorphs. When they looked out of the cockpit of the Terra Nova, they noticed that the Brethren Moons already arrived and are attacking Earth.

One of the Moons came up in front of the Terra Nova, crashing the ship and knocking Isaac and Carver unconscious. It is unknown whether this is another hallucination or actually what is happening.


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Awakened maintained the core gameplay of Dead Space 3. Weapons can still be upgraded via the new weapons crafting system using the Bench and suits can be changed using the Suit Kiosk. Logs also featured as a primary component to the game's plot. The Pack, an enemy encountered on Titan Station returned as primary enemies with a new slightly more disturbing character model alongside a newer Stalker variant encountered on the planet of Tau Volantis and the survivors of the Circle who dressed themselves to look more like Necromorphs. The later campaign setting of Awakened took place around the Sovereign Colonies Flotilla, primarily the CMS Terra Nova and the Conning Tower.


After falling to the surface following the destruction of the Moon, Isaac and Carver attempted to secure a Unitologist shuttle to escape Tau Volantis.

Isaac and Carver attempted to recover a ShockPoint Drive on the Terra Nova in order to make it back to Earth. However, the pair encountered a new Unitologist cult on board.

After recovering the ShockPoint Drive in the Conning Tower, Isaac and Carver went to the Aft Deck of the Terra Nova to install it and head back to Earth.


  • This is one of the few times in the series where the Unitologists went against their beliefs. Some of the Circle survivors began questioning the Church and their faith and attempted to desert. 
  • As it is with the main game, taking the first letters of Awakened's chapters formed "R.I.P." which was an acronym for "Rest In Peace" which may mean that Isaac, Carver and all of humanity did not survive The Brethren Moons.
  • Regardless of what suit that Isaac is wearing prior to starting Awakened's first chapter, he will always begin Awakened wearing the Arctic Survival Suit. Carver's suit carried over from the previous gameplay. In the opening cutscene, Isaac will fire his weapon upwards into the cave's surface which always appeared as Military Engine weapon's shot regardless of what weapon that he is holding at the time.
    • Shots fired by Isaac like in all cutscenes did not subtract from the player's magazine count.
  • When killing enemies during the hallucination sequences, their bodies will disappear, but their dismembered limbs (If any) will remain laying about.
  • At the beginning, Isaac's intact helmet assembled over his head, despite the fact right before the battle with the Tau Volantis Moon, an explosion damaged it, resulting in him ripping it off his suit. The severe head injuries that he sustained during the battle with the Moon also healed.
  • Isaac seemed to come closer to losing his sanity in the Awakened DLC than any other event in the series. Odd, due to the fact that ever since the Second Aegis VII Incident, Isaac kept his sanity in check.
    • Isaac eventually got his sanity back in check when he realized that the Brethren Moons were trying to slow him and Carver down.
  • Early on in the game, Isaac questioned if he and Carver could be dead, but also wondered if they might be Necromorphs. An actual case of becoming a Necromorph in first person occurred in Dead Space: Extraction, Nathan McNeill turned into a Slasher, had blood-red vision and immediately attacked Lexine Weller.
  • Robert Norton was reanimated as a Slasher, but he is first seen as if he was never shot by Isaac and reanimated. It is unclear how he managed to cover such a large distance after being killed, though vents are a plausible explanation.
    • The Norton Slasher boasted a ridiculous amount of hit points even compared to an Enhanced Slasher. It was easily the toughest non-boss Necromorph in Dead Space 3.
  • It is unknown how Isaac and Carver survived falling off the Moon.
  • Although, it could be something that The Machine was supposed to do as Isaac said "We don't know what that technology can do."
  • At one point, Isaac and Carver engaged in a gunfight after their argument reached a boiling point. In reality, the Moons are creating hallucinations of the two to fight each other. If the game is being played in Co-Op, the players will fight these hallucinations rather than fight each other. Regardless of what suits that the players are wearing at the time, the hallucinations of Isaac appeared wearing the Arctic Survival Suit and an SMG while the hallucinations of Carver wore the Special Forces Suit with an SMG.
  • When Carver and Isaac are experiencing the same hallucination, Isaac pointed out that the Marker is glowing. Carver then replied "Yeah, no shit, shoot it!"
    • The Necromorph weak spots glowed yellow and clearly marked to the player to shoot it which is similar to the Marker in this hallucination.
  • In the beginning, when Isaac's alarm clock is going off, if one listened closely, they can hear a scream similar to the one that Damara Carver emitted in the second hallucination that Carver experienced in his own mind, similar to the final boss of Dead Space 2 in Dead Space 3 Co-Op mode.
  • This DLC revealed that the Brethren Moons are able to speak to humans using hallucinations or telepathy, in this case, Isaac's and Carver's hallucination of the Cult Leader.
  • During the Cult Leader's dementia segments as well as the Ending, the Brethren Moons got closer to Earth as well as increasing in numbers.
  • If the player(s) turned around while in the hallucinations with the Brethren Moons, they will be able to see that the Moons are surrounding Earth.
  • When playing in Co-Op, unique Co-Op dementia elements played out through the DLC. For instance, both players are experiencing the same hallucination, getting isolated from your partner on a few occasions in different hallucinations, hearing different things and both being transported to the "dementia land" during the final boss fight.




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