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"It's not the dying that scares me. It's not making a difference before I do."

Austin Buckell is a member of Ellie Langford's team and a Marker research team known as "Marker Ops".

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Events of Dead Space 3 Edit

He was recruited years ago from the EarthGov Corps of Engineers into the Marker Ops program. A veteran in dealing with other isolated Necromorph outbreaks. He had a unique knowledge of the Marker Ops program and military history, specifically with the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces. During the Necromorph outbreak on Keyhole Station, he and Santos' group rescued Ellie from a swarm of the creatures after she is separated from Robert Norton and John Carver.

Realizing that Jacob Danik's bombardment and attack of the station would continue, he joined Ellie on her mission to Tau Volantis to search for solutions[2]. Thirteen days after their departure from Keyhole Station, Buckell and the others are found hiding inside the CMS Roanoke. Buckell and Santos, however sustained injuries, most likely from the damage sustained by their destroyed ship or Necromorph encounters. During the repair of the CMS Crozier, Buckell assisted Isaac Clarke in numerous optional missions to recover spare parts and weapons.

Once the ship is repaired, the group attempted to re-enter the planet's atmosphere using a recovered flight path. The shuttle took heavy damage on re-entry of the planet and is split in half.

A wounded Isaac found Buckell alone at a waystation. He explained to Isaac how he volunteered to stay behind as there were no more Snow Suits, cautious of what might be below the bunker to check for another. Moments later, Buckell succumbed to his wounds and hypothermia.

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Trivia Edit

  • Frank Ashmore provides his likeness and voice to Buckell.
  • Buckell's death makes him one of the only victims in the Dead Space  universe to have died a relatively peaceful death. Even when the Waystation is returned to, Buckell's body would still be sitting there and not transformed into a Necromorph.
    • Buckell cannot be dismembered or moved after he dies.
  • The remainder of Buckell's group appears to have allowed him to die; less than ten feet from his final resting place is a generator that, when activated, fills the room with heat that would have saved Buckell's life. While Norton's motivations are questionable, it is unclear why Santos and Ellie would have let him freeze to death when such an obvious alternative was available.
    • Although it could be that they simply do not venture to the other rooms fearing the presence of Necromorphs, or even by being hunted by the Snowbeast and left a fatally injured Buckell there to save themselves as his chances to survive were inexistent.
  • According to the official Dead Space 3 strategy guide by Prima Games, Buckell's name is listed as Gregory "Austin" Buckell.
  • It seems Buckell had some respect or/and admiration for Isaac as he is gladly surprised when he sees him on the Roanoke. Later on when Isaac explores the derelict flotilla the two become in contact often, giving him advice or exchanging thoughts.

Sources Edit

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