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The Archaeology Warehouse is a location on Tau Volantis in Dead Space 3, and the site of the Archaeology Co-op Mission.


Events of Dead Space 3Edit


The mission is available in Chapter 11 after Isaac Clarke and John Carver retrieve the Probe Gun blueprint from Jennifer Santos. After leaving the Nexus warehouse and backtracking through the Coring Platform, Isaac leads Carver towards the path to the warehouse with the Probe Gun parts, but Carver sees a bloodied woman who appears to be freezing and calls out to her. Isaac stops him and asks him if everything is okay, not noticing the woman, and Carver replies saying that they should look for the woman. While Carver leads Isaac in the direction that the woman was headed,  Isaac questions Carver if he really saw a woman, but Carver replies that she would have only headed for that direction. The player playing as Carver will shortly see the woman walking towards a previously locked elevator door and walks through it, and the door becomes unlocked. 

Upon using a second elevator, it will apparently stop and Carver will see a picture of Dylan and Damara on each wall of the elevator, with their eyes gouged out and bleeding profusely. Isaac doesn't see any of it, and he apparently is unable to respond when Carver calls out to him. When Isaac and Carver enter the warehouse, Carver sees toy soldiers, birthday presents,  toys and party streamers with messages adorned with them like "Daddy hates me" or "Dead inside". Further exploration of the warehouse has Carver being haunted by voices of his wife and son, and when Carver again calls out to Isaac, he remains silent. 

Upon entering the storage room and activating the lift, Another message from "Damara" to Carver was to get him to "Join the party". After completing the mission and leaving from the elevator they came from, Carver blacks out for Isaac to reveal that they were standing in the elevator for five minutes, and ask if they were going to check the place out, hinting that the entire mission was a product of Carver's dementia. Carver, shaken from his experience, declines to explore.  Isaac yields, commenting that "some things are better left buried.

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