Air Cans are an item in Dead Space that replenishes Isaac's Oxygen supply, which is slowly depleted in vacuum environments. They can be drops from enemies and can be bought from a Store.

However, Air Cans were removed from Dead Space 2 and are replaced by longer lasting air supplies and Air Recharge Stations are scattered throughout vacuum areas. In both games, Isaac can upgrade the maximum air supply his RIG holds via a Bench.


They come in small and medium sizes. Each container can refill the RIG's oxygen supply, up to the can or the RIG's maximum capacity. It is good to hold at least one or two Air Cans for areas that are hard to navigate or vacuums that have an abundance of Necromorphs. Like the Med Pack, it does not stack, but occupies an entire inventory slot.

General TipsEdit

  • Small Air Cans restore 30 seconds of air, giving you a chance to survive a vacuumed area. It is best to use it if you have low oxygen but are a short distance away from safety.
  • Medium Air Cans restore 60 seconds of air. These should be used when there are no Recharge Stations nearby and you are nearly out of air.
  • Don't use an Air Can until your reserve air is less than what the can will restore, whatever excess the can would restore over your RIG's maximum is wasted.

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