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Advanced Soldier RIG
Military RIG cropped
Production History


Earth Defense Force


Protection Rating

30% Damage Resistance


Features 25 inventory slots


The Advanced Soldier RIG is a military-grade RIG, issued to Earth Defense Force personnel. The RIG features built-in Stasis and Kinesis modules.


The Advanced Soldier RIG is a fatigue and body armor assembly designed for combat use, and is standard issue protective wear for EDF Marines and Sailors.

The assembly is composed primarily of dark grey, vacuum-rated fatigues bearing a number of utility pockets, and white body armor plates, including armored boots, a cuirass, cuisses, spaulders, rerebraces, vambraces, and a head-enclosing combat helmet.

The breastplate bears an insignia which may represent the Earth Defense Force or the USM Valor.


  • The Soldier RIG costs 99,000 Credits and is available for purchase after loading a "Cleared Game" save. Once loaded, head towards a Store (which is first seen near the tram at the end of Chapter One).
  • The Soldier RIG is the second best RIG in the game with a total of 30% damage resistance, the first being the Advanced Unitologist RIG which has a total of 60% damage resistance.

A dying Marine aboard the USM Valor: note spaulder and helmet.

  • The red stripes above the right eye-slit may be a form of rank insignia.
  • If the player rotates the camera to face Isaac's helmet, while near a wall, the light from the eyes will disappear.
  • The suit bears a resemblance to the Imperial stormtroopers' armor from the Star Wars franchise. The helmet also looks like the EOD Helmet from the Halo series of video games.
  • The Advanced Soldier RIGs worn by the Marines encountered on the USM Valor seem to differ from the RIG worn by Isaac, namely in their inclusion of a left shoulder spaulder and their stripped down helms: whereas Isaac's combat helmet fully encapsulates his head, those worn by Valor personnel seem only to consist of a mask fitted to the head via solid band. As well, Isaac seems to wear a balaclava and gridded lower mouth guard.
  • The Soldier Suit and EarthGov Security Suit featured in Dead Space 2 are also military-issue combat wear, but differ markedly in appearance.
  • If one looks closely at the face of the helmet, it holds a very faint resemblance to a human skull minus a lower jaw (complete with a hole corresponding to the nasal area).
  • The helmet also looks quite similar to the facial structure of the Turian alien species from the Mass Effect franchise, though it may be a coincidence. A Mass Effect themed armor suit is also available in Dead Space 3.
  • It is possible that the Advanced Soldier RIG first superseded the Legionary Suit and is a Marines variant of the Soldier Suit.
  • John Carver's Special Forces Suit bears a strong resemblance to this RIG.
  • Robort Norton's suit has the symbol of the EDF on the left breast of the suit; the same symbol located on the right breast of the Soldier suit.
  • It is worth noticing that the suit itself lacks a visible holo-viewer.



Dead Space Suit Level 6 Military (HD 5670)00:48

Dead Space Suit Level 6 Military (HD 5670)

Isaac putting on the advanced soldier RIG

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