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Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG: Obsidian Class

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Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG: Obsidian Class
Obsidian Rig
Production History

Protection Rating

10% Damage Resistance


  • 25 inventory slots
  • 4 Health Points (HP)

The Advanced Hazard Engineer RIG: Obsidian Class, usually referred to as the Obsidian Suit was released as downloadable content exclusive for the PlayStation 3. The Obsidian Suit has an armor rating of 10% and 25 (full) inventory slots. This suit has a fully black armor, and black underneath it, and a dark blue glow from the faceplate of the helmet.

Downloadable ContentEdit

The Obsidian Suit can be purchased from the PlayStation Store for $1.50 by itself, or for $3.00 for a bundle pack containing both the suit and the Obsidian Weapon pack. It can also be purchased as part of a $10.00 bundle pack with all of the downloadable content for Dead Space.


  • The Obsidian Suit, although equaling a Level 5 suit with full inventory available, it has far less protection, equal to that of the Level 3 RIG. This is shared with some other DLC RIGs. The Advanced Unitologist RIG is an exception.
  • The Obsidian Suit is the antithesis to the Elite Suit.
  • The Obsidian Suit is the third color for Isaac's Engineer Suit alternate costume in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.


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