936 Bonder Rivet Gun
Weapon Information


Schofield Tools


935 Bonder


High pressure rivet launcher



Technical Specifications


3 Rivets (Infinite)

Ammo Capacity (CLP):

7 Rivets (Infinite)

Rate of Fire (SPD):


Effective Range:


Secondary Fire:

Heated Rivet

Weapon Parts
The 935 Bonder Rivet Gun is a tool used by Concordance Extraction Corporation employees in deep space mining operations. The second firing mode of the Rivet Gun was to charge up the power to shoot through more dense materials.

Design DetailsEdit

The Rivet Gun is designed to panel and attach bulkheads support, mainly when Arc Welders are unavailable. By using rail gun technology, the Rivet Gun fires high velocity rivets that can nail items to each other over long distances. The second firing mode of the Rivet Gun was to charge up the power to shoot through more dense materials. The Rivet Gun is the standard pistol that you always carried with you during the course of Dead Space: Extraction, and you can never drop it. The 935 Bonder River Gun was a constant weapon and puzzle solver throughout the game, helping to rivet together barricades to stop Necromorph attacks. Despite being the default weapon in the game, it is actually a respectable tool, able to dismember any part of basic Necromorphs with one shot, two for any Enhanced Necromorphs. The weapon's secondary fire is a charging burst that fires a more powerful rivet, and is mostly used during the riveting puzzles. For gameplay reasons, it never runs out of ammo.

Combat TipsEdit

  • Because the 935 Bonder Rivet Gun never actully runs out of ammo, it can be used if players want to save up ammo for later fights.
  • The rivets are quite powerful, even in the standard firing mode. One rivet can dismember a limb on almost any Necromorph (two if it's the Enhanced form). It's also capable of destroying a human skull.
  • The alternate fire takes a few seconds to charge, so it's not suggested to use in emergencies.
  • Because of the small size of the rivets, it's not suggested to use the Rivet Gun against smaller or fast enemies.


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