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163rd Reaper Barracks
163rd Reaper Unit
Organizational information

Tau Volantis

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Date dissolved



Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces

"And as far as manners go, I didn't pick them because they play nice with others. There's a reason they call the 163rd the "Reapers". These guys all cut their teeth doing wet work for us during the Secessionist riots on Earth. They're the coldest bunch of killers you're ever going to find and they're my insurance that nothing's going to go wrong."
—Major General Spencer Mahad[1]

The 163rd Reaper Unit, nicknamed "The Reapers", was a fearsome unit in the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces.[2] At some point in the 2300's, they were stationed on Tau Volantis, 200 years prior to the Second Aegis VII Incident; specifically chosen by Major General Mahad, they were picked as his "insurance" against unforeseen difficulties.[1]

At some point during their deployment on Tau Volantis, the unit's "water boy" went missing and was replaced by a young SCAF soldier eager to join the legendary "Reapers"; several members of the 163rd harassed the private, giving him demeaning tasks, primarily janitorial duties. The private, one K. Myers, was eventually convinced by a unit member that if he performed his duties without cleaning himself for a week, the unit would consent to him joining the Reapers.[3] His task complete, Myers was instead humiliated and informed that the only way he could join the 163rd was if everyone else in the unit was dead. Private Myers apparently took this literally and subsequently murdered all fifteen members of the 163rd by chopping of their heads in their sleep with an axe. what became of Myers after his killing spree is unknown.[2]


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