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TopicLast EditLast Author
Dead Space Graphic Novel Trailer02:24, June 20, 2013WikiaBot
Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition (mega sooper dooper collector's edition)04:46, January 15, 2013Haegemonia
Dead Space 3 campaign/splitscreen18:55, November 27, 2012Grumpy grunt
Ideas for Dead Space 319:47, November 21, 2012152.26.230.40
EA=Bad for Dead Space?09:47, November 12, 2012209.183.184.142
Some questions needed to be answered12:56, October 23, 2012Mr.2Dpot
Reading Dead Space: Catalyst yet?04:49, October 11, 2012Maphisto86
Dead Space: Liberation thoughts?20:46, September 24, 2012SkateorDie097
DS3 Debut trailer - thoughts?13:53, September 15, 2012202.8.235.12
Dead Space 3 co-op mode 4 player01:10, September 14, 2012Archer Autor
USM Valor making a return?06:59, September 13, 2012Archer Autor
This is great06:49, September 13, 2012Archer Autor
Help with the Weapon Contest12:44, September 10, 2012Noemon
New Interview with DS3 Associate Producer15:21, September 6, 2012LBCCCP
Dead Space: Catalyst pushed back15:19, September 6, 201276.8.67.132
New Suit Ideas18:08, August 28, 2012Totallyspam
New Necromorph Ideas15:52, August 26, 2012Mr.2Dpot
Weapon Customization in Dead Space 321:36, August 24, 2012Squattop
What do you want in a DS3 Collector's Edition?00:28, August 24, 2012Squattop
Create a Weapon for Dead Space 319:39, August 16, 2012Noemon
Game Completion Question21:42, August 13, 2012MadMikado
Javelin Gun or Seeker Rifle for Multiplayer?22:23, August 10, 2012Noemon
Saving Survivors13:26, August 7, 2012Muertos vivientes
Hack the Shop?02:28, July 23, 2012Mr Bio Shock
So I found some odd Videos...08:03, July 20, 2012Tazio1
Correct order of all Dead Space media?06:39, July 13, 201298.26.8.149
What if...12:43, July 11, 2012Muertos vivientes
Dead Space 2 Multiplayer16:03, July 10, 2012Pjhealy98
New Weapon Ideas07:52, July 4, 2012DanteKral
A french translation of the Dead Space Wikia21:25, June 26, 2012Subtank
Reasons Why Dead Space 3 Could Be Scary08:20, June 25, 2012Einsteinium99
Dead Space 3 Q in need of an A10:14, June 20, 2012Noemon
Easter eggs and things to note02:58, June 18, 2012108.208.153.209
Dead Space 3 - Full E3 Demo Shown08:14, June 16, 2012Noemon
Alien alphabet?00:19, June 12, 2012146.155.147.167
Dead Space Catalyst22:33, June 8, 2012Jamie Jones54842
200 years17:01, June 8, 2012Noemon
New Weapons Designs for DS313:24, June 6, 2012Isaacgman97
Can any of you guys do me a favor?10:54, June 2, 2012Konstantinos001
Dead Space inequality!14:32, June 1, 2012RAMAR
Dead Space 3 first details leaked. Probably.14:03, June 1, 2012RAMAR
Dead Space 2 Glitches00:04, May 14, 2012Lelouch vi Britannia of the Rebellion
Activate the message wall?21:04, May 8, 2012Subtank
Dead Space: Aftermath16:25, May 7, 2012Geth Prototype
Dead Space's Necromorphs vs L4D's Infecteds17:07, May 3, 2012Totallyspam
Tau Volantis Hint?18:51, April 11, 201269.117.83.108
Is the Pulse Rifle a good gun in-universe?17:06, April 11, 2012Maphisto86
Dead Space Slasher vs Left 4 Dead Witch12:33, March 21, 2012198.86.72.124
Why do so many drawings of Isaac have the stasis module on the left?19:52, February 18, 2012Squattop
Give me your music..01:00, February 2, 2012Noemon
Selling Fan Art19:47, January 30, 2012Metaform Designs
Dismemberment or trauma?18:42, January 17, 201258.7.247.50
Deadspace 307:28, December 23, 2011Squattop
Enchanced necromorphs03:35, December 6, 2011Failcrox
Deliberation on Ending23:29, December 5, 2011Subtank
Deadspace 2 New Rigs23:28, December 5, 2011Subtank
DeadSpace Wiki actually Dead?23:27, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead space soundtrack listed?23:27, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space: Valor23:27, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space: Empty Dreams, what do you think?23:23, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space live action film?23:22, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space Story Unoriginal and Full of Holes?23:22, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space Salvage23:20, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space Fanon23:20, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space Extraction for anything other then the Wii23:20, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space 2 release date ideas?23:19, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space 2 cover!23:18, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space 2 Image?23:18, December 5, 2011Subtank
Dead Space 2 Chapter Titles23:18, December 5, 2011Subtank
DDD23:16, December 5, 2011Subtank
Crew Manifest23:16, December 5, 2011Subtank
Community University Campus23:15, December 5, 2011Subtank
Captains of the Ishimura23:15, December 5, 2011Subtank
Can we still call Nicole Brennan Necromorph?23:14, December 5, 2011Subtank
Can we still call DS2 Plasma Cutter 211-V?23:14, December 5, 2011Subtank
Best RIG23:14, December 5, 2011Subtank
Anything missing?23:12, December 5, 2011Subtank
Actors for live action movie?23:10, December 5, 2011Subtank
Notice Regarding Blogs23:05, December 5, 2011Subtank
DS:E walkthroughs need to be redone23:05, December 5, 2011Subtank
Signing Posts23:05, December 5, 2011Subtank

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